C5 + CCIM Global Summit




This compelling tour features two stops, Centennial Yards Atlanta and Summerhill,redevelopment of Atlanta’s former Olympic stadium. 

Centennial Yards is a monumental urban revitalization project in Downtown Atlanta spearheaded by CIM Group, a fully integrated, real assets owner/operator in partnership with the Atlanta Hawks, forming the Centennial Yards Company. The monumental urban revitalization project in Downtown Atlanta, an ambitious 50-acres, is expected to transform underutilized property in the heart of the city into a thriving community with leading businesses, retail establishments, a world-class entertainment district, and thousands of new apartments designed to develop a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive community. Explore their innovative plans first-hand and learn how this project will reshape Atlanta’s urban landscape.

Summerhill is a visionary redevelopment of Atlanta's former Olympic stadium and its surroundings. This mixed-use project spans 80 acres and was developed in partnership with Georgia State University. Adjacent to downtown Atlanta with unrivaled access and visibility, this project represents a long-term, organic transformation. Witness the meticulous preservation and rehabilitation efforts that breathe new life into this historic site. Summerhill's vision encompasses vibrant streetscapes that blend culture, food, entertainment, academics, housing, and world-class offices. As you explore this $1 billion redevelopment project, you'll be fascinated by its unrivaled access, visibility, and the harmonious integration of various elements that make it a true urban gem.

Prepared to be astonished by Atlanta's innovative real estate projects that push the boundaries of design, community, and urban revitalization.

Ticketed Event. 


September 28–30
Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center
Atlanta, GA

See you in Atlanta!