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Christian "Boo" Boucousis, CSP

Former Flight Fighter & CEO


I was selected for pilot training in the Royal Australian Air Force at the age of 18, successfully graduating as a fighter pilot, one of only 400 fighter pilots trained over a period of 40 years, achieving my life's dream of flying a F/A-18 solo at the age of 21.

After 11 years of service, I was medically discharged after a diagnosis of "bone-fusing" Ankylosing Spondylitis, ending my dream career and presenting me with one of the biggest emotional and financial challenges of my life.

With no other skills other than flying, I took a leap of faith to enter the business world, travelling to Afghanistan to establish what is today one of the world's largest humanitarian service providers, CTG Global. As a founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise, I considered this period of my life as the ultimate MBA program.

From walking the halls of the UN in New York and Geneva to sharing life experiences with local Afghans, I developed a true understanding of purpose, empathy, determination, and the importance of service leadership when running a complex business.

From Afghanistan, I returned to Australia to establish Mode Developments, a property development business founded to build the world's first prefabricated high-rise hotel, the $42 million Peppers King Square Hotel in Perth. Using technology I like to call grown-up "Lego" the business set new records for high-rise construction, building a full floor each day!

In 2015 I experienced an epiphany whilst listening to an inspiring keynote delivered by a good friend and Afterburner speaker. In that moment, I realised the $15 million dollar training program I participated in as a fighter pilot equipped me with the skills to achieve my business success. This moment inspired me to become a Partner within the Afterburner eco-system and share these secrets to success with others as a custodian of the "fighter pilot way".

Now at a reflective phase of life, I understand my purpose is to enable you to be successful, through a fundamental understanding of what it takes to Get It Done, or in true fighter pilot fashion, abbreviated to "GID". A mindset that accelerates learning and allows you to approach life with velocity and momentum on the journey you've embarked upon.

I believe in people, their inherent goodness, their desire to help and serve. I also believe leadership is the fundamental "piece" to the performance puzzle, whether that's the leadership of a team, or leadership of ourselves, for you to have the courage to be accountable for your own journey.



September 17–19
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, FL

See you in Hollywood, FL!