C5 + CCIM Global Summit Speakers

Influencing the next chapter of the commercial real estate industry

2024 Keynote Speakers

Dan Marino

Hall of Fame Quarterback and MVP
Dan Marino, pro football Hall of Famer and legendary quarterback, is renowned for his record-setting career with the Miami Dolphins. From his early days as a first-round draft pick to becoming an NFL/pro football MVP and Super Bowl contender, Marino's journey epitomizes resilience and leadership. Beyond his athletic prowess, Marino's commitment to community service, advocacy for autism awareness, and entrepreneurial ventures exemplify his dedication to making a lasting impact. Join us as Marino shares his invaluable insights on overcoming adversity, setting high standards, and achieving true greatness.

Tiffani Bova

Growth, Innovation and Sales Transformation Advisor
Named by the San Francisco Examiner as one of the Ten Most Sought After Brand Evangelists, Tiffani Bova will bring her expertise on top-line growth and sales transformation to this year’s C5 + CCIM Global Summit. Her experience ranges from leading innovation at Salesforce to advising the world’s largest technology companies as Distinguished Analyst and Research Fellow at Gartner.

Paco Underhill

CEO and Founder of Envirosell
Paco has advised more than one-third of the Fortune 100 on prototype store testing and consumer behavior. Clients include global technology companies, mall developers, home builders, office designers and more. His seminal book on shopping—Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping has been translated into 27 languages.
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